Playable Cities

Playable Cities

We Believe

Connecting People and Cities through Light & Play - We Believe is major interactive light installation connecting two European Cities.
Colour Me Beautiful
Colour Me Beautiful invites you to walk the colour runway, strike a pose and be captured in a bright maze of colour.
On The Bridge artwork
Pink Enchantment
An interactive light installation that transforms bridges into stunning artworks.
Enchanted Spaces
A beautiful bespoke lighting installation shown at two pagodas at London Bridge City Pier.
Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now is a unique interactive spotlight, which roams in public spaces.
An exploration, a battle, a collaboration, and an art experience, Colour Keepers uses bikes to create light trails through the city.
Playable City Aquatic Pathways
I believe in You - London Bridge
An interactive light installation which brings colour to London Bridge City Pier.
The Light Bridge
The Light Bridge
The Light Bridge is a playable light installation where university students battle for colour dominance via Twitter.
Light Bug
Interactive Light Swing that explores the playground of the future
Playable City Aquatic Pathways
Aquatic Pathways
Part of the Playable City this is playful and social project exploring the rivers of Recife, Brazil.
Tracing Light
Tracing Light
Permanent interactive light Installation that creates ripples of colour as people pas over a bridge.