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BikeTAG: Colour Keepers - Playable City

Interactive game played in the city. Orginally commissioned by Playable City, Watershed and the Bristol Enterprise Zone.

BikeTAG is a system of led lights, proximity sensors and a Smartphone application, originally created in 2012 during the Playable City Sprint, hosted by Watershed and the British Council.

In a unique commission for Bristol Temple Quarter, the BikeTAG light system was used within an innovative street game that lit up Bristol’s Enterprise Zone. The new commission ‘Colour Keepers’ was designed to help re-invent perceptions of the Enterprise Zone – the area surrounding Bristol’s Temple Meads Station.

Part exploration, part battle, part collaboration, part art experience, Colour Keepers was a chance to play on bikes in the city, set colours free and co-create light trails using the BikeTAG light system. With five colours to set free, players explored the Zone as they battled to win.

The game ran at dusk on Sat 18 and Sun 19 May and was used as a public Play Test to gather feedback from players. This was the very first game created using the BikeTAG system, and the very first time it was played with a full line-up of participants.

We put together this Storify, showcasing a selection of pics and tweets from the makers and players.

See the project at Playable City Watershed.

Made in collaboration with Bang and Lee (Korea) and Julian Stykes (Wales).
Supported by Bristol City Council and Arts Council England.
Photos by Max McClure
"Awesome night" @natclementsuk
"My bike is looking really boring now" @Team_Hat
"Thanks #colourkeepers That was really good fun!" @areyoulaura