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Catch Me Now

Interactive Light Installation

Catch Me Now is an interactive light installation, which entices audiences into a merry dance of catch. A small spotlight is moving randomly around a space on its own. When an audience member steps into the light, the spotlight stops completely and expands its light field, inviting the audience member to take center stage. But soon the spotlight moves on, returning to its random movement …until someone else steps into the light. The work playfully subverts the idea that the spotlight always follows the performer. In this case, it is the ‘performer’ that is irresistibly drawn into a “chase me, catch me” following the light. Catch Me Now roams around quietly without dominating the space, inviting and enticing audiences into playful interactions in our built environment. The work inserts play into galleries and into our increasingly technology-driven public surroundings.

Programmed by Tarim.
Photographers Edward Lockyer,
Catch Me Now was a fantastic installation at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. People of all ages were captivated by it. It created a really playful space in an otherwise ordinary walk way – Katie Chapple, Events Developer at Edinburgh International Science Festival.