Colour Me Beautiful

Interactive installation 2017. Orginally commissioned by QV Melbourne, Australia.

Transforming both the environment and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play making, Colour Me Beautiful changes public spaces into positive social communal places. Featuring five colourful runways leading to a vivid portrait landscape on a large LED screen, Colour Me Beautiful invites the public to play and interact. The interactive installation captures images of audience members on each of the five runways; live posting them onto a large screen - colouring you beautiful.

The work invites people of all ages to walk the runway, strike a pose and be captured in a bright maze of colour. Posing for the camera is one of life’s familiar social activities. It connects us and creates shared memories. The act of having a photo taken evokes a sense of play and performance for children and adults alike. Jump into the limelight at the end of the runways and smile!

The Colour Me Beautiful installation creates a fun safe space that is visible by day and during the night. The artwork plays 24/7 with minimal invigilation or maintenance required.

Software by Tarim.
Video my Max McClure.

Engagement numbers - our reach

Colour Me Beautiful handles large visitor numbers smoothly. People of all ages engage in multiple ways. Direct interaction posing for the screen and indirect participation such as, watching family and friends play, taking photos of the work and themselves. Smaller children also play games on the runways, ignoring the interactive element of the work. In addition the stunning large visual invitation of Colour Me Beautiful creates an attractive social space where people want to gather.

The artwork has the capacity to interact with people / take a photo 1800 times per hour. Numbers depend on the footfall of people, for example in Melbourne, Australia, 2017, on the opening night, the artwork was activated more than 9,000 times. During the two-week exhibition, held in a public square over 16,000 visitors created over 80,000 photos.

In London, at Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2018, Colour Me Beautiful was activated over 60,000 times by more than 12,000 visitors over 10 days.
Canary Wharf Winter Lights, 2018.
QV Melbourne, Australia, 2017.
What people said:
Tines work was perfect for the space and very impressive. We had a huge attendance at the festival and visitors particularly enjoyed taking selfies in front of the work - much of which was shared on social media. There were so many movies taken, it was amazing. Keith Watson, Public Art Assistant - Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival.

That was the best time of my life
(young teenager talking to his friends), Melbourne QV Square, 2017.

Wow this is so cool (adult realising the interactive aspect of the work), Melbourne QV Square, 2017.

It’s great - everybody is smiling - I have never seen that with art. Audience at Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2018.

Papa look at my photos. I love this (a child to her dad), Melbourne QV Square, 2017.