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The Light Bridge

Interactive and playable light installation - public art. Originally commissioned by Miles, University of Surrey

The Light Bridge is a playable light installation where university students battle for colour dominance. Groups tweet the bridge and steal colours from each other. The stronger a team is, the more window panels shine with their team colour. The bridge is a visual beacon on the campus lighting up as students play and interact.

These are commands which anybody can use to animate the bridge. Next time you pass the bridge on the University of Surrey give it a try!

STEP 1: Tweet using the #lightbridge hashtag along with any of the following to animate the bridge:
#wiggle – A random animated wiggle sequence!
#wave – Light wave across the bridge!
#score – Stack the scores and see who is in the lead!
STEP 2: Look up at the flashy lights! Its that easy

Programmed by Louis Christodoulou.