Pink Enchantment

Interactive light installation - an unique interactive light design that transforms bridges. Orginally commissioned by Curated Places and Visit Reykjavik.

Pink Enchantment is an interactive light installation that transforms bridges into stunning artwork. As visitors walk across the bridge, clouds of colours will appear creating an electric, vibrant atmosphere. The light and interactive design is unique to the site, consisting of a series of interactive section, which together will become a large visual installation that is tailored to its location. Each bridge looks different, scaled to different sizes in response to the opportunities and limitations presented by the site.

Enchantment is designed to create a high impact, immediate transformation. The work creates opportunities for people to interact with the artwork and each other in an imaginative way. Pink Enchantment is an ephemeral interactive installation that connects with the essential elements of light. The project is inspired by the grandness of ever changing sky and ocean waves that breaks into a mist of colours. As visitors walk across the bridge they will activate short, cloud-like bursts of colour. The smoke cloud lingers, and creates an immersive experience which inspire and intrigue audiences. When there is no pedestrian traffic on the bridge, it will revert to a single colour lighting the structure of the bridge, until a visitor walks across and the bridge comes to life. Each section is independent and visitors can play independently or collaborate to cover the bridge in colour clouds. The work is transient, reacting to nature and win. Audiences will see high floating coloured haze or low hanging, mysterious mist.

The work was previously shown on a 70 m long and 2.5 m wide pedestrian bridge leading into the Reykjavik City Hall Iceland in 2014, and on the Cupid Bridge pedestrian bridge (30m long x 10m wide) in Canary Wharf London 2016.

This work suitable for a walking and cycling bridge only, preferably a narrow bridge.

Programmed by Tarim
Photos by Roman Gerasymenko and Tine Bech

Light City 2018, 14th to 21st April, Baltimore, MD USA.
Canary Wharf Winter Light Festival 2015.
Visit Reykjavik, Curated Places, Iceland, 2014.