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Interactive Sound Installation

Mememe (as in me me me – choose me!) combines sculpture and sound with a Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to promote the emergence of interesting sonic structures. Participants are invited to wear modified sculptural shoes that are tracked via sensors. Movement is turned into sound and the participants are able to compose their own sounds by playing with walking styles, location and speed.

Collaboration with Sam Woolf and Dave Lawerence.
In the encounter with Mememe you are not a distant observer, but an active participant, and soundless, invisible surveillance is replaced by noisy play, freedom and movement. This constitutes a break with formalistic views of art, according to which the surroundings and the context are not especially important to the aesthetic and subjective appreciation of art. In the case of Mememe, it is precisely the performative relationship between work, viewer and space that seems to be the all-important starting point for the creation of meaning. It establishes a visual and auditive dialogue between work and audience, a dance between technology, art and man. Mememe proposes a phenomenological appreciation of art that activates the whole body and all the senses - where the artwork becomes something more than just a visual and intellectual experience.
Catalogue Mememe, On the Edge. By Annette Damgaard, Curator, Marie Nipper, Writer and Thorsten Sadowsky, Director Aarhus Contemporary Art Centre.
DRHA (Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts) conference, UK 2008.
Falmouth Live, UK 2008.
Aarhus Centre for Contemporary Art, Demark 2006.