Light Art

Light Art - interactive
The Big Swim
I Believe in You - Banbury
Playable interactive light installations that invite audiences to control colour.
The Big Swim
The Big Swim
Immersive light installation where clouds of colours float above a pool, inviting people to swim and play.
Chromatic Play
Chromatic Play
Light sculptures communicate with each other and generate playful colour schemes as you move around them.
LightPot is an interactive teapot - a bit like a small electronic creature. Text the name of a colour to the LightPot and it will change colour.
The Big Swim
I Play
I play therefore I am reflects Tine’s philosophy, and is a playful reference to Descartes famous line I think therefore I am
Global Welcome Project
Olympic Village
Global Welcome is a light drawing project working with four schools to create artworks for the Olympic Village.
Light Research workshops
Light Research
A series of consultation workshops, which used light drawings to create debate about Watershed's public space
Purple Membrane
Purple Membrane
A misty membrane of purple light hovers over a swimming pool. As the outside light fades the membrane becomes more and more visible.
LighTAG outreach project
LightTAG is a unique outreach project that helped build confidence in disadvantaged youngsters.
Torch Relay runners
Torch Relay
Participatory light event open to all movement, sports and joy, encouraging people to create their own Olympic light spirits.
Inspirational light drawing project
Arts and Science schools project working with light to foster cross-disciplinary knowledge.