Interactive Light Sculptures

LightPot is an interactive light teapot. It is like a small electronic creature, when you text the name of a colour to the ‘LightPot’ it will change colour. The teapot is a classic glass teapot augmented with lots of white wire. Hidden inside the LightPot are electronics and LED lights. The light reflects in the white wire, changing the teapot's appearance every time the audience sends a new text message, with a new colour. The interface is simple, note the number by the teapot and text ‘red’, ‘pink’, ‘cyan etc. and wait for the colour to change!
Norwich Arts Centre, UK, 2013
Brighton Mini Maker Faire with MzTEK, UK 2012
Flossie with MzTEK, UK 2012
V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), Chi-TEK, UK 2011