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Arts and Science media project commissioned by SEPnet and Mediabox

LightTAG (2010 - 2011) was developed by artist, Dr. Tine Bech, and scientist Dr Kathryn Harkup. It was funded by Mediabox, SEPnet (South East Physics Network), University for the Creative Arts, and University of Surrey.
The young people produced personal and exciting creative work with more than 1750 images and 22 animations being uploaded. See more here:
LightTAG Website
Facebook LightTAG Page
LightTAG is a unique outreach project that has enabled sixty-two young disadvantaged people from across South East England to build confidence and achievement through an innovative science and media art collaboration. LightTAG’s exciting fusion of media art infused with science facilitated a very positive experience of learning. It demonstrated how art and science work together through light. Science and Art have much in common – both are trying to make sense of the world around us

LightTAG provided the opportunity for young people with a background of NEET, care leavers and special needs to express themselves creatively through the use of light while gaining insight into basic scientific concepts. Participants created high profile, visually engaging outcomes in the form of light drawings and animations.

LightTAG culminated in a large celebratory event and exhibition for all the participants, their family and friends, at the British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank as part of the Future Film Festival. The exhibition then toured galleries across the South East England.
LightTAG’s fusion of media art infused with science facilitated a very positive experience of learning reflected in the feedback:

It’s surreal to have my work on show at the BFI in London – it’s a big achievement for me. LightTAG has given me a big confidence boost as I now know that my artwork is good enough to be shown in a gallery.

I’d never been to a university before this and thought it was just full of rich kids walking around, but after doing LightTAG there I realised that they’re all normal and now I’m thinking about going to university and doing a Video Games course which I would never have thought about doing before.