Play making and Games

Play making and Games
The Kinetic Storyteller
The Kinetic Storyteller is a networked installation for social interaction.
Catch Me Now
Rainbow Makers
An intuitive, collaborative game that invite audiences to engage with museum and gallery collections.
The Big Swim
Noye’s Fludde
Creative and participatory light scene created for 100 children performing in Noye’s Fludde.
Up in the air so blue
Light up the landscape and connect with history with these interactive swings.
Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now is a unique interactive spotlight, which plays with the audience.
SPACES 2050: Seeing and Seers
Unique interactive event where participants are sent to the year 2050 to become masters of illumination.
Digital Circus Light -TineBech
Kitchen Circus
A collaborative community project working with local communities to create a pop up digital street circus.
Light Seekers
A game where participants set out on a quest to save the last Light Keepers and to stop the darkness that threatened them.