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Up in the air so blue

Interactive swings that activate light and sound in the landscape around them. Originally commissioned by UNBOSI for Shakespeare's New Place 2016.

Up into the Air is a magic playful environment consisting of a pair of swings next to each other. It invites people of all ages to play, through digital interactivity, in both imaginative and physical ways. Up into the air works with light, rhythm and sound to create an interactive welcoming environment. As participants swing they triggers light and sound reactions in the surrounding area.

This work is adaptable and can light up any structure in a surround area I any colour. The sound is also changeable and is designed to creative a narrative inspired by the exhibition site. With each forward swing rotation people can control sound, lights and colour in the area, for example lighting up trees creating a magical environment.

The work was shown at Shakespeare's New Place when Tine Bech’s Studio joined the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration to create a magical garden. Audiences entered the gardens of Shakespeare’s garden Shakespeare’s garden and embarked on a mission to catch inspirational muses, as they completed tasks set by the muses of earth, fire, air and water. Tine created a playful environment for the air section, consisting of a pair of swings next to each other. As participants swung they lit up two of Shakespeare’s ancient Mulberry trees. With each forward swing rotation a sound appeared and a light was activated on a tree. Once seven lights had woken up the old air muse then the wise old mulberry tree bestowed participants with divine inspiration - white light.

The playground swing is one of life's simplest pleasures. Feeling your suspended body move through space, rising and falling in a fixed arc that flows first with then against, the pull of gravity, is both thrilling and reassuring. It remains a peerless, timeless invention and an open invitation to play, for children and adults alike.

Up in the air so blue was commissioned by UNBOSI as part of the Garden of Curious A-MUSE-ments, a collaborative enchanting after-dark adventure. UNBOSI is one of the lesser-known departments of the United Nations. Since 1947 we have been globally studying sites associated with human genius. UNBOSI was created with the knowledge that even after a war to end all wars, world leaders had failed to keep the peace and tend to be conservative uninspired negative thinkers and the acronym created has been used to describe them ever since. With most of the world on board, we have joined forces and use the power of the planet to create ‘light bulb’ moments inspiring co-operation and friendship between all nations.

Software by Tarim.
Hardware by Louis Christodoulou.