Sculpture & Installation

Sculpture & Installation
Colour Blobs project
Reflecting You
Installtion which reflect the audience and its environment.
Data from the past
Installtion with messages from the past hidden in reflective data discs.
Colour Blobs project
Colour Blobs
Public Artwork inspired by magic and trees in Crystal Palace Park, London.
Swansea Buoys Reconnect project
Swansea Buoys Reconnect
This 70 x 60 metre public artwork made of colourful water buoys celebrates Swansea's rich maritime history.
Balloon Monster
Balloon Monster
Sculpture made of air emerges from the wall.
Tumbleweed project
Sculpture made from sixteen kilometres of pink wire.
Fnug project
Felted organic sculpture.
Felt Sphere project
Felt Sphere
Striking sculpture, lit from below.