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Art for everyone

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Immersive experiences that connect us

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Animating spaces with colour

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Enhancing places and connecting communities

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Creating playful interactions for everyone!

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Enriching commercial spaces


Activating public spaces


Innovating art experiences

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We bring immersive colour and playfulness into the public realm creating beautiful art experiences for everyone.

Tine Bech Studio is a multi-disciplinary art studio based in London. Our practice was born in academic research into the value of play in society, and has been developing and realised into amazing, interactive installations worldwide.

Driven by a passion for creating social impact in the public realm our work has achieved global recognition with exhibitions and commissions in public spaces, commercial venues, cultural institutions, and major festivals.


Our work is anchored in our core values, as well as a robust theoretical framework for measuring impact.


Social Impact

We create spaces that encourage interaction and break down social barriers. Artworks are often shared and posted in high numbers on social media – people want to show they were ‘part of the work.’ Testimonials like “I have been there and have never talked to so many strangers,” “It makes you sociable,” and “I had so much fun I forgot to be embarrassed” underscore the studio’s ability to foster social connections through art.


Audience engagement

We believe that culture creates communities, and art is for everyone. This inclusive approach allows us to create artworks with which visitors interact intuitively and participate actively, no matter what their level of knowledge of art or technology. Our installations have engaged and created up to 80,000 interactions with visitors over a two-week period.


The studio places a significant emphasis on participation and generating feelings of well-being within the art experiences. Comments such as “I have never seen an artwork where everyone smiles” highlight the positive impact on participants’ emotions. We know from neuroscience that when we play, we become socially attuned to others. Play is part of our social fabric, creating positive emotions, ultimately contributing to increased resilience, happiness, and productivity.

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Place we have worked Tine Bech Studio
Places we have worked

We create beautiful interventions that become landmarks in their own right. Our philosophy is that the public realm should engage and connect people in positive ways.

Our collaborative team specialises in sculpture, experiential design, play theory, electronics, and software design. We partner with skilled manufacturers to bring unique projects to life.

See what Tine is inspired by and why she became an artist.

“Tine Bech makes digital rainbows out of darkness “
— Alan Gemmell, British Council.

Dr. Tine Bech is a Danish artist with a Master’s in Sculpture and a Ph.D. in Interactive Art and Play Theory. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark, but now lives and works in London, and works worldwide.

“Tine is renowned for her amazing public artworks that pop up in unexpected places. From bridges that light up as people pass over them, to battles on bikes, her works actively challenge our common assumptions about art, public space and participation.”
— Tillotson, Producer, Pervasive Media Studio.

Some of the organisations which have commisioned or presented Tine’s work

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