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Catch Me Now
About the artwork

Interactive Light Installation

Catch Me Now is an interactive light installation, which entices audiences into a merry dance of catch. A small spotlight is moving randomly around a space on its own. When an audience member steps into the light, the spotlight stops completely and expands its light field, inviting the audience member to take center stage. But soon the spotlight moves on, returning to its random movement …until someone else steps into the light. The work playfully subverts the idea that the spotlight always follows the performer. In this case, it is the ‘performer’ that is irresistibly drawn into a “chase me, catch me” following the light. Catch Me Now is deceptively simple, yet generates lots of complicated play and laughing.

The work roams around quietly without dominating the space, inviting and enticing audiences into playful interactions in our built environment. The work inserts play into galleries and into our increasingly technology-driven public surroundings.

Catch Me Now is part of Tine Bech Studio’s exploration into how for interactive art can contribute to new forms of engagement in public spaces and offer people new ways of connecting with each other in public spaces.

Programmed by Tarim.
Filmed by Nicolai Amter at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


e-Luminate Festival Cambridge, 2017.
Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016.
GLOW Winter light festival 2016.
Enlighten Manchester, 2014.
Ravensbourne Welcome Space, 2014.
Electrohype, Malmø, Sweden 2013.
Cheriton Light Festival 2013.
Illuminate Bath 2012.
The Science Museum, 2011.
Kinetica Art Fair, London UK 2011.
Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK 2010.
Watermans Art Centre, London UK 2010.

What people said

Catch Me Now – another interactive light installation by ‪Tine Bech – Playful and beautiful use of light.
– Mathias Poulsen, CounterPlay.

Catch Me Now was a fantastic installation at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. People of all ages were captivated by it. It created a really playful space in an otherwise ordinary walkway.
– Katie Chapple, Events Developer at Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Catch Me Now is a delightful deceptively simple spotlight that reacts to onlookers’ movements and leads them on a merry dance.
– Curator, Bath Illuminate.

Chased an interactive spotlight around Abbey Churchyard on the way home at 12.30am. Me and hubby giggling like kids.
– Audience at Bath Illuminate.

Delightful listening to the children playing with @t_bech Catch Me now. ‘When you step on the next one, make a wish.’
– Audience at The Science Museum.

My personal favourite were Catch Me Now by Tine Bech – a coloured dot of light that dances around the square as you chase it, grows bigger for a second when you catch it, then whizzes off again, followed by a gang of excitable kids.
– Audience at Bath Illuminate.

Tine says ‘I believe Art is for everybody – it’s just not everybody who knows it’. The Cultural Connectors knew they wanted to bring Catch Me Now to GLOW the moment they saw it.
– Curator, Creative Barking and Dagenham.

Happy to see people started to play with Catch Me Now already and to hear ‘It’s wicked’ and ‘it’s almost like fun exercise’

The punt hire guys have started a competition of how many times they can get to it in 1 minute (current record is 10) and are being really enthusiastic encouraging passers-by.

Playful audiences in Cambridge are now ‘catching’ hugs with Catch Me Now.

Catching hugs! How fitting for Valentine’s week. Gr8 to see groups of children who had never met b4 playing last night.

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