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Data From the Past
About the artwork

A site-specific installation that consist of obsolete data discs (2016).

Messages from the past are hidden in these reflective data discs. The artwork reflects light – and the audience – breaking the light into its spectral colours. The work is made from data discs and is a reflection on how the world around us changes – and with it how we communicate and reflect. Look close and you will find quotes from philosophers and poets hand etched into the discs.

Data from the past is a site-specific installation that is tailored to each unique site it is shown.

Photos by Stu Allsopp and Tine Bech


Broadgate – British Land, 2017.
Banbury Museum, UK 2016.

What people said

We really enjoyed deciphering the text on the disk

Loved the work!

Fantastic exhibition, particular enjoyed the quotes on the digital discs – lovely idea‏

-Audiences at ‘Light Play’, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum

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