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Enchanted Connections
Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio at Light Night Wigan
Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio at Light Night WiganEnchantedConnections-TineBechStudio10-minEnchantedConnections-TineBechStudio9-minEnchantedConnections-TineBechStudio11-minEnchantedConnections-TineBechStudio4-min
About the artwork

Immersive interactive light installation.
Originally commissioned by Canary Wharf Group for the Elizabeth Crossrail Roof Garden.

Enchanted Connections is an immersive interactive light installation that transforms gardens, parks and architectural spaces – outdoor and indoor – to a stunning artwork. Visitors interact with light columns to create a magical space.

Enchanted Connections is created from serval independent interactive ‘pools of lights’ that illuminate the greenery with colours. Visitors interact with light plinths and the forests pulse in colour!

Artist and Light designer Tine Bech light leaves painting them with colour, focusing on intriguing areas in among the foliage and trees and leaving darkness in between the pools of light.

The work invites people of all ages to interact and be immersed in colour!

The work is truly interactive visitors select the colour hovering their hand over a glowing circle on the light plinths. Find all the interactive light plinths and paint the world around you in your chosen colour!


Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival. 2019


It was worth coming just to see this!

This is so beautiful

My favourite place just got better

Enchanted Connections bathed the rooftop gardens plants in the most beautiful colours. Really nicely done, subtle but very effective and made the whole space feel and look very magical.

An Enchanted forest hidden in a forest of skyscrapers – Wow

-Visitors at Enchanted Connections, Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2019.

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