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Enchanted Connections
About the artwork

Immersive interactive light installation. Originally commissioned by Canary Wharf Group for the Elizabeth Crossrail Roof Garden as part of the Winter Lights 2019.

Enchanted Connections is an large scale interactive light installation that transforms public spaces into a stunning artwork. Visitors interact with light columns and each other in an imaginative way to create an enchanted landscape of colours.

The work invites people of all ages to interact and be immersed in colour!

Enchanted Connections is designed to create a high impact, immediate transformation and participants can play independently, or together, to create a magical space. The work is truly interactive, in other words it reacts live to peoples movement. Visitors can select different colours by hovering their hand over a glowing circle on the light plinths.

Find all the interactive light plinths and paint the world around you in your chosen colour!

People of all ages will engage in multiple ways, such as posing in the colour areas and taking photos and videos of the work and themselves. Visitors also watch people play and often come back several times bringing friends. The stunning large visual invitation of Enchanted Connections creates an attractive social space where people want to gather, people go on romantic strolls, socialise.

When exhibited at Canary Wharf CrossrailPlace Roof Garden,a 300 meter partly enclosed garden, visitors experienced a vibrant atmosphere. Nine interactive plinths each controlled islands of greenery, painting them with colours and transforming the garden into an enchanted landscape of stunning colours.  Visitors could select between 5 different colours in each of the nine areas – painting the garden in their own colour!

Large engagement numbers
Enchanted Connections handles large visitor numbers smoothly. The artwork currently consists of nine interactive plinths, each with the technically capacity to interact with up to 300 people per hour – a total of 2700 interactions per hour.  Total numbers depend on the footfall of visitors and how easy the access is to the area.

In London United Kingdom, over 300.000 visitors saw the Enchanted Connections installation on the CrossRail Rooftop Garden over a 12 day period, as part of the Winter Lights 2019. The feedback from visitors, companies and retailers was overwhelming and positive and we had an incredible amount of Social Media.

Showing Enchanted Connections
The design is unique to the site and consists of nine interactive plinths that control light and colour in each different area. Together they become a stunning installation that is tailored to its location. Each interactive plinth can control architectural zones or sections of green spaces, painting them with colours and transforming the place into a magical experience.The work is suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces, such as gardens, parks, architectural spaces, as well as structures, features and foyers and more in museums, galleries and business places. We will work with the commissioning body and local production team to develop the final presentation of the work.


Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival. 2019


It was worth coming just to see this!

This is so beautiful

My favourite place just got better

Enchanted Connections bathed the rooftop gardens plants in the most beautiful colours. Really nicely done, subtle but very effective and made the whole space feel and look very magical.

An Enchanted forest hidden in a forest of skyscrapers – Wow

-Visitors at Enchanted Connections, Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2019.

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