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Felt Sphere
About the artwork


Felted Sphere is a large felted sculpture with layers of felt resembling earth and the planet. A ring of neon light sits below as the base of the sculpture emitting light and life. The work was part of a series of round sculptures by Tine Bech and was shown together with Tumbleweed and Fnug, in an exhibition exploring the body.

Bech’s work explored the membrane between the body and the world. The body is the membrane through which we must necessarily relate to the world. However, the borderline between the body and world is not sharply defined: instead they are entwined in a constant dialogue.

The Sculpture is felted; an old process of lying out stands of carded wool fibres and then manipulating them into the ultimate shape


Aarhus Kunstbygning (Centre for Contemporary Art), Denmark 2002.

What people said

Most of Bech’s drawings look like holes, openings and non-specific round and oval forms. These echo the balls and blobs in many of her sculptural works, such as Tumbleweed, Fnug, Felt Sphere and Everything Round. Her work draws on a tradition of organic female forms in the work of women artists including Georgia O’Keefe, Lygia Clark and Eva Hesse. 
– Tracey Warr, ‘Watery Looks’, Open Studio Catalogue text.

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