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Floating Field
About the artwork

Interactive Sound Installation

Floating Field is an interactive sound installation using movement from the audience to create sounds. A sea of balloons is floating just above the floor, filling the room. The balloons move and sway when the viewer walks through, thereby triggering different birdsongs from each balloon. Lots of movement creates multiple sounds, when the viewer stands still the sounds fade away. The audience can create their own floating field of birdsongs

The work is a low-tech project and linked Tine’s research into immersion and the moving body interacting with the world.

Programmed by Tarim.
Filmed by Nicolai Amter at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Bargehouse Oxo Tower London, UK 2008.
Trøndelag Centre of Contemporary Arts, Norway 2005.
Gallery 19 C, Aarhus, Denmark 2005.
L Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2003.

What people said

Where does the body end and where does our surrounding world begin? These were the two questions that resounded inside my head after seeing Tine Bech’s interactive sound installation Floating Field

…It is the weightlessness of the sculptural construction that makes the work sensitive to the slightest influence. This sensitivity is important as it highlights that the body is capable of affecting the world, without being in direct contact with it. The installation signifies the body’s indefinable boundaries; there is a life between body and world that is not immediately intelligible. In other words Tine Bech unites body and world in a formless intersection on the edge form.
– Rene Lundgaard, ‘Floating Field’, Review.

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