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Tree Enchantments
Forest Enhancement Transform Places In Nature Into Interactive Immersive Colour Landscapes.
Forest Enhancement Transform Places In Nature Into Interactive Immersive Colour Landscapes.
About the artwork

Tree Colour Magic

Tree Colour Magic is an interactive light installation that transforms green spaces into connected landscapes.

Trees shape our landscape and grow old with us, becoming integral parts of our community. They keep our planet healthy and are teeming with life. This installation invites the audience to connect with trees and experience their vibrant colours.

Immerse yourself in the magic by triggering bursts of colour as you move through the trees. Witness the energy of the trees unfold as you play and experience the enchantment.

This installation delivers a powerful, instantaneous metamorphosis, with visitors triggering brief bursts of cloud-like colour. The lingering smoke clouds create an engaging, immersive atmosphere, fostering a connection between individuals and the environment. When there is no movement in the area, the artwork reverts to a serene blue hue. However, as people move through the space, the trees come alive once more. The work is transient, reacting to nature and wind, enveloping audiences in a floating-coloured haze or a low-hanging, mysterious mist.

The design is immersive and inclusive, engaging visitors of all ages and connecting people with nature. Frequently, people pose and capture photographs amidst the lingering clouds. The installation accommodates a significant number of people concurrently, with each section operating independently. Visitors can choose to experience the work induvidually or collaborate, covering the spaces in vibrant, colourful smoke clouds. Often, children run through the trees to activate as many as possible.


IGNITE 2024, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Presented by Broward County Cultural Division in partnership with MAD Arts

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