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I Believe in You - Banbury
About the artwork

Interactive Light installation at Banbury Museum, 2016.

I Believe in You is an interactive light installation which illuminated Banbury Museum as visitors moved in the gallery space – discovering the power of the colours. The work invited audiences to connect and play, experiencing the museum in a new way. Participants were able to control what ‘colour’ shined in the space by moving and exploring the area itself. Each corner of the gallery room represented a different colour: pink, blue, green, and red, and visitors would activate the corners of the ‘world’.

I Believe in You is a site-specific interactive light installation that brings light and colour to different places. Each space looks different, using different colours and scaled to different sizes in response to the opportunities and limitations presented by the site.The unique light design consists of a series of interactive section, which together becomes a large visual interactive installation that transforms spaces into a participatory and playable light installation.

This playful installation combines new technology and RGB LED lighting, illuminating its surroundings and reflecting the uniqueness of the different places it is shown. It was first shown in London Bridge in a pagoda and was entitled ‘I Believe in You – London Bridge in 2015.

Programmed by Brett Fisher.


Banbury Museum, UK 2016.

What people said

We really enjoyed playing in the I Believe in you Banbury room

We enjoyed chasing the blue light the most

Lovely exhibition, couldn’t entice my grandson away, he liked it so much. Thank you

Such a beautiful installation

– Audiences Light Play, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum

This is my second time with my family. My favourite bit was the light strips. I want to say thank you
– Child visiting Light Play, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum

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