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I Believe in You- London Bridge
About the artwork

Interactive Public Light installation, commissioned by Team London Bridge, 2015.

I believe in you is a technological installation produced by leading Urban Play artist, Tine Bech that saw the pagoda on the London Bridge City Pier illuminated against the backdrop of Tower Bridge and London Riverside.

The work was a visual invitation to play and encouraged visitors to connect and experience London Bridge City Pier in a new way. Participants were able to control what ‘colour’ shined over the Thames, when they moved through the space looking at the stunning views of London Bridge. The participants interacted with the pavilion structure itself – North, East, South, West all represented a different colour: pink, blue, green and red. Visitors would activate the corners of the ‘world’ while taking photos of iconic London.

I Believe in You is a malleable site-specific interactive light installation that brings light and colour to different places. The unique light design consists of a series of interactive section, which together becomes a large visual interactive installation that transforms spaces into a participatory and playable light installation. This playful installation combines new technology and RGB LED lighting, illuminating its surroundings and reflecting the uniqueness of the different places it is shown. It was first shown in London Bridge in a pagoda.

Programmed by Brett Fisher


London Bridge Live Arts Festival, 2015.

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