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About the artwork

Interactive light sculpture.
Originally commissioned by Mz-Tek for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s London Design Festival Digital Weekend 2011.

LightPot is an interactive teapot that ‘pours’ you colour instead of tea. It is like a small electronic creature that responds to you. Send a text with the name of a colour to the LightPot and it will respond in colour. The teapot is a classic glass teapot augmented with lots of white wire. Hidden inside the LightPot are electronics & lights. The light reflects in the white wiry appearance, changing the teapot’s colour every time the audience sends a new text message. The interface is simple; note the number by the teapot and send a text.

The work was made for the exhibition Chi-TEK where 20 international women artists and designers were invited to showcase their unique use of technology in the arts by ‘hacking a teapot’.


Broadgate – British Land, 2017.
Banbury Museum, UK 2016.
Norwich Arts Centre, UK, 2013.
Brighton Mini Maker Faire with MzTEK, UK 2012.
Flossie with MzTEK, UK 2012.
V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), Chi-TEK, UK 2011.

What people said

Tine Bech’s new interactive teapot – I know, how interactive do you want a teapot to be? But, like all Tine’s work, its seriously beautiful.
-Professor Jon Dovey, Digital Culture Research Centre. 

I want to see this exhibition again. I loved the magic teapot the most!
-Audience at ‘Light Play’, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum

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