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Noye’s Fludde
About the artwork

Creative  light design for 110 children performing in Noyes Fludde.
Co-created with Orchestre de Picardie and The Royal Opera, and commissioned by University for the Creative Arts.

Noyes Fludde was a large-scale opera production, in which 110 school children from France and the UK performed together with an orchestra of 80 professional and amateur musicians. Tine Bech designed an interactive light performance that allowed 110 children and actors to perform individually with light, in order to create stunning light scene together. Using innovative light solutions the performers created waves and rain (The flood) and scenes where the sun, moon and stars magically emerged. The light design gave children a role, enabling them to create light stories together.


Maison de la Culture – Cirque Jules Verne, France 2015.
Theatre Imperial de Compiegne, France 2015.
Comberton Village College, Cambridge UK 2015.

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