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Shine Your Colours, glass installation by Tine Bech Studio
Shine Your Colours
Shine your Colours is a multifaceted artwork that celebrates people – visitors will see themselves…
Summer Cloud – We Dream of You
Summer Cloud – We Dream of You invites you to dream. The public sculpture reflects…
Enchanted Connections
Enchanted Connections is a large-scale interactive light installation that transforms public spaces into a stunning…
We Believe
Connecting people and cities through light and play- We Believe is a major interactive light…
Colour Me Beautiful
Colour Me Beautiful invites you to walk the colour runway, strike a pose and be…
Pink Enchantment
An interactive light installation that forms bridges into stunning artworks
BikeTAG: Colour Keepers – Playable City
An exploration, a battle, a collaboration and an art experience. Colour keepers use bikes to…
I Believe in You – London Bridge
An Interactive light installation which brings colour to London Bridge City Pier
The Light Bridge
The light bridge is a playable light installation where university students battle for colour dominance…
Light Bug
Interactive light swing that explores the playground of the future
Playable City, Brazil – Aquatic Pathways
Part of the Playable City this is a playful and social project exploring the rivers…
Tracing Light
Permanent light installation that creates ripples of colour as people pass over a bridge
Up In The Air So Blue
Light up the landscape and connect with history with these interactive swings
Catch Me Now
Catch me now is a unique interactive spotlight which plays with the audience
Light Seekers
A game where participants set out on a quest to save the last light Lighkeepers…
The Big Swim
Immersive light installation where clouds of colours float above a pool, inviting people to swim…
Light Research
A series of consultation workshops, which used light drawings to create debate about Watershed's public…
Purple Membrane
A misty membrane of purple light hovers over a swimming pool. As the outside light…
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