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Playable City, Brazil - Aquatic Pathways
About the artwork

A playful and participatory light event in Brazil, Recife, commissioned by the British Council and Watershed

Aquatic Pathways invited the people of Recife to travel on an interactive light boat, to see the river anew and to share thoughts on the river and its possibilities – and to simply experience the quietness and the beauty of the river. The project explored how the waterways of Recife could be used for transport and leisure, in order to ease traffic congestion and to create new enterprise. Inside the gallery an interactive projected map asked audiences to vote for possible future boat pickup sites. These new river boat stops were imagined as playful interactive points, calling boats to them that people would travel on.

Made in collaboration with Mabuse, programmed by David Haylock and produced by Isabelle Croissant and Germana Uchoa. Photos by Beto Figueiroa


Playable City Brazil – Aquatic Pathways.

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