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Rain Balloons
About the artwork

Interactive Sound Installation

Three giant black sound balloons floats arbitrary around the gallery. Any movement activates a sound of rain.


The 3rd Art and Science International Exhibition, Beijing, China, 2012
Artscape, Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency, Toronto, Canada 2005.
Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, USA 2005.
Royal British Sculptors Gallery, London, UK, 2004.
L Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2003.

What people said

I brushed against Tine Bech’s suspended black Rain Balloons, made them skitter across the floor and unleash the sound of pattering rain from the ingenious electronics inside, the whole room’s vision of wet, subterranean darkness was brilliantly complete.
– Morgan Falconer: REVIEW RBS BURSARY

Bechs use of interactive technology and qualities inherent in natural phenomena such as rain, bird song and buoyancy are reminders of physicality – we want to touch her objects, we need to walk around them, to experience them, to meet them and they interact with us, responding to our proximity.
– Tracey Warr, ‘Materialisation’ Catalogue Text

Best, I thought, were the Danish, London-based artist Tine Bech, whose balloon sound sculptures floated seductively around her studio.
– Andrea Carson VoCA July 2006

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