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Split Pea Spiral
About the artwork


A large spiral fills the room at the James Hockey Gallery.  The combination of the scale of the installation and the individual small grains created a sense of dizziness. The endlessness of the swirling of the spiral revealed only when viewing the artwork from above on a balcony. Split peas have rich colours of yellow, ochre and cream – each grain a beautiful hemispheric shape. The work referenced ironic artworks such as Spiral Jetty and was created as part of Tine Bech’s Master degree in Sculpture.

Photo by Simon Sandy


James Hockey Gallery, England UK, 1998.

What people said

Bech use intuitions as the guiding star in her work with respective to materials. She carries intuition into her work-interpretation, and reveals it to the viewer, whom is most keenly aware of his or her own senses.
– Søren Høgsberg, Tell Me Formless…

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