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Torch Relay
About the artwork

Participatory light project commissioned by UCA at Rochester

Participants celebrate the Torch Relay, making Light Portraits at UCA Rochester with artist Tine Bech. The workshop was focused on movement, sports and joy, encouraging people to create their own Olympic light spirits. The images was projected onto the Rochester Campus and seen from afar in the evening of the 20th July.

Funded by UCA Outreach.

To see more go to the Torch Relay Light project Facebook page.


Participatory project commissioned by UCA at Rochester

What people said

I like everything about the workshop, I thought it was really fun.

I liked working with my mum and dad – we made our own Olympics

I thought it was really good. I liked mixing the colours and couldn’t believe that I could make such cool pictures. I didn’t think it would be as much fun as it was.
– Participant – drop in workshop

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