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About the artwork


Tumbleweed is a non-interactive artwork made from electronics. It is a sculpture made from sixteen kilometres of pink wire that resembles a wiry, technological tumbleweed. The tumbling, the process of the making, has made the work what it is.

“A tumbleweed tumbles through the prairie and picks up pieces of wherever it’s been. It’s a process – how it’s made makes it what it is, Bech says.“
– Lucy Manning, Features Tine Bech

Tumbleweed was shown with an early version of Echidna, a wiry an interactive sound sculpture made of coloured wire. When you touch it a sound emerges from the sculpture – like a creature that has its own (electronic) voice.


Hub: National Centre for Craft & Design, UK 2009.
Royal British Sculptors Gallery, London, UK 2005.
ArtCommunication, Denmark 2003 and 2004.
Aarhus Kunstbygning (Centre for Contemporary Art), Denmark 2002.
Foyer Gallery, Farnham, UK 2002.

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