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The Power of Play in Higher Education - Creativity in Tertiary Learning Tine Bech Studio

Book chapter published about Play in Higher Education by Dr Tine Bech and Professor Clive Holtham

 The Power of Play in Higher Education – Creativity in Tertiary Learning examines the increasing popularity of creativity and play in tertiary learning, and how it can be harnessed to enhance the student experience at university. Professor Clive Holtham and Dr. Tine Bech’s chapter describes ‘Space 2050’ an innovative and thought provoking game created by Tine Bech for students and staff at CASS business school to develop better learning spaces.

While play is often misunderstood as something ‘trivial’ and associated with early years education, the editors and contributors argue that play contributes to social and human development and relations at a fundamental level. This volume invalidates the commonly held assumption that play is only for children, drawing together numerous case studies from higher education that demonstrate how researchers, students and managers can benefit from play as a means of liberating thought, overturning obstacles and discovering fresh approaches to persistent challenges.

Edited by Alison James and Chrissi Nerantzi.

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