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Chromatic Play at Microworld : Arcadia

Microworld : Arcadia is a ‘living’ art space in the heart of Cardiff, filled with magical projections, robots and electronic sounds, which will grow, transform and evolve in response to user activity. For two weeks, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in an interactive digital wonderland.

The gallery will be filled from floor to ceiling with projects which will interact with the audience, other projects, and whatever else is happening in the space. Over the course of the show new pieces will be introduced, modified and rearranged (the audience can also add in their own crazy creatures). Some creatures will struggle, some will thrive. Not even the creators know what will happen next. The show is one big experiment.

The exhibition is curated by Genetic Moo and is part the Cardiff-based festival Diffusion 2013

21st May to 2nd June 12-6 PM (closed Mondays)
Arcadecardiff, Queens Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 2BY

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