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CounterPlay Conference Denmark

Dr. Tine Bech will present her work at CounterPlay Conference in Denmark
Main Stage, Friday April 15th at 13.50.

To Play or not to Play – Interactive Artworks
Using examples from her practice, Tine will share ideas on the relationship between play, public spaces and interactivity via new technologies, including the importance of the invitation to play, encouraging audiences to move from looking to doing, and the kinds of play that can be initiated through interactive artwork. Playful interactive art enables the creation of spaces and events that affords playful interactions and encounters – it invites people to be curious and seeks to engage audiences into dialogue and thereby opening up the possibility for play.

Tine will present research into 1] why we play 2] the kinds of play that can be initiated through interactive artwork in public spaces (and cultural institutions), including adult playful behavior, not only child-play 3] Introduce new prototypes for public digital art.

See the full program for the day here.


CounterPlay ’16 takes place April 14-16 2016 at DOKK1 in Aarhus.
DOKK1, is the new library in Aarhus, Denmark. Designed by Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects the building is super playful in itself. Located beside the harbour in Aarhus, this urban mediaspace is the largest space of information in Scandinavia.

The conference tackles concerns that people today do not have enough opportunities to be playful, and that this will negatively impact everything from quality of life and work to society as a whole. CounterPlay ’16 investigate four central questions through keynotes and interactive sessions. What is play? Why is play important? When is play difficult? And will cover talks about: Playful Art & Culture / Playful Leadership / Transforming Smart & Playful Cities and many more. To book tickets go to:

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