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Danish Artist Tine Bech Comes to Australia with QV Melbourne

QV Melbourne’s Laneway Series launches with Light / Play and the first Australian work from Danish artist Tine Bech

QV Melbourne is thrilled to announce that QV has commissioned globally acclaimed Danish artist Tine Bech to complete her first Australian work, which will be the centrepiece of a new interactive program of events called Light / Play. The celebration of light and play will herald the end of winter from Friday 25 August – Sunday 10 September.

Tine’s new work, entitled Colour Me Beautiful, will create a playful new environment for social interaction, experienced for the very first time at QV Melbourne.

“I don’t define play as being only for children. Our own evolution and survival as a species shows the centrality of play. We learn how to deal with risk through play – through exploration, testing, and thereby learning and adapting. I believe that play is integral to culture; it is part of our social fabric and lies at the core of social bonds,” says Tine.

Featuring five colourful runways leading to a vivid portrait landscape, Colour Me Beautiful invites cities to play. The interactive installation captures images of audience members on each runway; live posting them onto a large screen – colouring you beautiful. Jump into the limelight at the end of the runways and strike a pose!

The work invites Melburnians and visitors alike to walk the coloured grass runway, strike a pose and be captured in a bright maze of colour. Tine’s intention for Colour Me Beautiful is to exemplify and extend the play inherent in human connection through social sharing.

Transforming both the environment and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play making, Colour Me Beautiful will transform the open air QV Square into an interactive digital art playground. Tine Bech’s artistic vision is to explore how culture, technology and play intersect to shape the future of our cities.

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