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Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio at Light Night Wigan

Enchanted Connections at Light Night Wigan 2023

Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th November 2023 at Mesnes Park. Curated by Things That Go On Things.

Thank you, everyone, for visiting us at Light Night Wigan. You made Enchanted Connections magical ✨. I loved hearing your reactions – a mom saying to her young child, ‘Look, you are changing the colours in the forest.’ Her son realising and shouting, ‘WOW – NO WAY’ 😍. Truly wonderful to hear all the comments.

Enchanted Connections is created from several independent interactive ‘pools of lights’ that illuminate the forest with colors. Visitors interact with light plinths, and the forest pulses in color 🌈. The work is site-specific. I lit the leaves (not the trees), painting them with color, focusing on intriguing areas among the foliage and trees, and leaving darkness in between the pools of light. I just love how color and light are shaped by darkness (Tine).

Thank Jude and Gemma from Things That Go On Thing for inviting us 🙏🏻
Thank you Wigan Council for hosting us 💪🏻
And big thanks to the firewithinwigan

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