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Pink Enchantment by Tine Bech Studio, image from Reykjavik City Hall Bridge, Iceland

Bristol Light Festival

Pink Enchantment, Castle Bridge, Bristol, 2020

Chromatic Play

Winter Lights Festival

Chromatic Play, Canary Wharf, London 2020

Colour Me Beautiful, Riga

Staro Rīga Light Festival

Colour Me Beautiful, Riga, Latvia 2019


Winter Lights Festival 2019

Enchanted Connections, Canary Wharf, London 2019


Light City Baltimore 2018

Pink Enchantment , Light City Baltimore USA, 2018

Millennium Gallery

Light Bug, Playground exhibition, 2018

Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Colour Me Beautiful, Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2018


QV Melbourne

Colour Me Beautiful, Melbourne 2017


London Bridge City, Christmas By The River 2017

Enchanted Spaces, Christmas by the River, 2017

European Capital Of Culture Aarhus 2017

We Believe, Aarhus City Hall Tower Denmark, European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017

Games London At The Finnish Institute London

Chromatic Play at The Games Europe Plays London, 2016

Banbury Museum

Play of Light, solo exhibition, 2016.


The Whitworth Museums at Night

Rainbow Makers, Interactive Art Game, 2016


Catch Me Now, GLOW Winter light festival, 2016

Israel Museum

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers, Interactive Art Game, 2015
Jerusalem Season of Culture – Contact Point, Israel Museum

London Bridge Live Art Festival

I Believe in You, Interactive Public Light Installtion, 2015

Canary Wharf Group

Pink Enchantment, Interactive Light Installation, 2015

Creative Entrepreneur In Residence – Cass Business School

SPACES 2050: Seeing and Seers,
Cass Business School, City University London, 2015

Rooms Festival By REACT

Lightbug and the Magical Garden, (REACT Rooms Festival), 2015

Roseberys Gallery

Chromatic Play, 2015.

Play Sandbox, REACT And Watershed

Light Bug prototype, Play Sandbox, 2015.

Noye’s Fludde

Noye’s Fludde (Benjamin Britten), 2015

Playable City, Recife, Brazil

Aquatic Pathways, Watershed and British Council, 2014

Victoria And Albert Museum

Chromatic Play, Sculpture Gallery, V&A Digital Design Weekend 2014

Visit Reykjavik

Pink Enchantment, Curated Places, Iceland, 2014

University Of Surrey

The Light Bridge, UK, 2014

Microworld: Arcadia

Chromatic Play, Curated by Genetic Moo, Cardiff, Wales, 2013

Playable City, Bristol Enterprise Zone

BikeTAG: Colour Keepers, Bristol Enterprise Zone, UK, 2013

catch me now- cheriton festival- tine bech studio2

Cheriton Light Festival, Strange Cargo

Catch Me Now, Folkstone, UK, 2013


Catch Me Now, Varnhem Square, Malmø, Sweden, 2013

Olympic Village London 2012

Olympic Village Global Welcome Project, Games opportunity with Get Set, LOCOG

The 3rd Art And Science International Exhibition

Rain Balloons, Beijing, China, 2012

Illuminate Bath

Catch Me Now, Bath UK, 2012

Surrey Light Project

Chromatic Play, Commissioned by Surrey Light Project, Guilford castle2012

James Hockey Gallery

The Big Swim, Creative campus initiative 100m Olympic, 2012

Victoria And Albert Museum (V&A)

Tracking You, V&A Digital Art Weekend, London, 2012

The Science Museum

Catch Me Now, PLAYER, Arts and Game Festival, London UK, Oct 2011


Victoria and Albert Museum and MzTEK

Light Pot, Chi-TEK, London, UK, Sep 2011

Kinetica Art Fair

Catch Me Now, P3 Exhibition Space, London, UK 2011

Banbury Museum

Echidna, BlindArt Permanent Collection, UK 2011.

Cultural Olympiad, London

The Big Swim, Creative Campus Initiative, Inspire Mark, UK 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum

Catch Me Now, Sackler Centre, London, UK 2010


Locws International

Swansea Buoys, temporary public artwork, Wales, UK, 2010

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery

Echidna, TouchPoint: The Haptic Exchange Between Digits, LA, USA 2010

Canterbury Art Festival

Light Dancers, Imagine A Spectacle, Theatre Royal, Canterbury, UK, 2010

Watermans Art Centre

Catch Me Now, Unleashed Devices, London, UK 2010

Hub: National Centre For Craft & Design

Boundless in Space, Safe to Touch, Lincolnshire, UK, 2009

Open Studio Gallery

Visiting Artist Exhibition, Toronto, Canada 2009


Mememe, Cambridge, UK 2008

Royal Cornwall Museum

Echidna, Touching Art Touching You, UK 2008

Bargehouse, Southbank

Electric Blue, London, UK 2008

Farnham Creates

Tracing Light, UK 2008

Falmouth Live

Mememe, UK, 2008

The Shire Hall Gallery

Boundless in Space, Magical Mechanical Machines, UK 2007

Kulturnat Aarhus

Purple Membrane, Badeanstalten Spanien, Denmark 2007

Aarhus Centre For Contemporary Art

Mememe, Digital Art Festival, Denmark 2006

Bankside Gallery

Echidna, Sense & SensualityUK 2006

Richard Attenborough Centre

Echidna ,Sense & Sensuality, UK 2006


Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Spanien 19C

Floating Field 2, Denmark, 2005.

Big Draw

Royal British Sculptors Gallery and Imperial College, Molecule Blobs, UK 2005.

Royal British Sculptors Gallery

Rain Balloons, Bursary ExhibitionLondon UK 2004.

CP Artists

Hidden Sounds, Signal 04Bookseller Crow, London, UK 2004.


6,000 Chairs

Colour Blobs, Crystal Palace Park, UK 2004.

The Big Blip

Echidna, The Big Blip 03, Brighton, UK 2003.

L- Gallery

Balloon Monster, FloatingMoscow Russia 2003.

Antenna Studios

Fnug, CP Artists, Signal 03, London UK 2003.

Aarhus Centre For Contemporary Art

Inbetween: Plus & Pluse, Denmark 2002.

Foyer Gallery

Outside Gets Inside, UK 2002.

The Foundry Gallery

PaperHeart, London, UK 2001.


Konnektor, Berlin, Germany 2000.

James Hockey Gallery

Split Pea Spiral 1999.

James Hockey And Foyer Gallery

MA Degree Show, Twenty-two, UK 1999.

Gallery Whiteleys

Inhale…exhale, London, UK 1999.

Aarhus Kommune

Den Gode Jord, Basar Vest, Aarhus, Denmark, (Public permanent art commission)1997

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