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House of Commons presentation

Photos by Sophie Mutevelian

Craft & Technology in the 21st century
Tine was invited by the Crafts Council UK to join a small artist panel to present their thoughts on digital art and craft in the future at House of Common. The event was chaired by Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield ‘an eloquent and enthusiastic champion for British design, craft and manufacturing’.

See more at the Craft Council blog about the event here.
The full report ‘Crafting Capital: New technologies, new economies’ by the Crafts Council is found here:

Previous to the event the Craft Council, The Pervasive Media Studio and Watershed organised a seminar about’ The Internet of Things’ or networked objects – physical things’ with sensors that connect to digital networks of data such as smart meters or wearable electronics.
See a short video from the seminar ‘Internet of Things here.

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