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Illuminated Swim by Tine Bech Studio, Light Night Leeds 2022

Illuminated Swim at Light Night Leeds

Illuminated Swim tours to Light Nights Leeds 2022 at the beautiful Bramley Baths from 13th-15th October. Tickets are FREE. Pre-booking a timeslot is essential. 

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A beautiful immersive and playful light installation in the historic setting of Bramley Baths. Experience a swim like no other as a cloud of colour and light hovers over the waters of the pool, creating an ever changing and surreal environment as you move through the water. Artist Tine Bech’s vision was to create a live painting you could dive in to and, inspired by Rothko, she has created a massive immersive installation, transforming the familiar surroundings of this community pool into something other worldly and unique.

Tine wanted to create a visual experience manifesting the freedom of diving into a pool. When she was a child, in the summer she would go to the pool so often that her blond hair became a greenish hue from the chlorine. That dedication to floating away from the everyday is at the heart of the project.

Light Night Leeds is the UK’s largest annual arts and light festival. For the past 16 years, over two incredible nights in October, some of Leeds’ most recognisable indoor and outdoor spaces are transformed through spectacular artworks and captivating performances by local, national and international artists.

The installation was originally commissioned as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It was awarded the Inspire Mark – a 2012 Olympic initiative – which was a community and participatory programme that enabled non-commercial organisations across the UK to link their events and projects to the London 2012 Games.

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