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Interview with Tine about public playful artworks

As part of a research project for the King’s College London Arts and Humanities Festival, Matheson Marcault been interviewing different curators, designers, artists and architects about playful work for public space. This interview is with Tine Bech, a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. Her work explores the potential for transforming environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play and game-making.

It is a subtle invitation to step in, and then there’s this sort of flow of commitment that leads to bigger things. Bigger moments!

The growth of motion sensing and proximity sensing in doors and taps and so on is expanding the range of interactions that people understand instinctively

We have a hierarchy of play where children are at the top; perhaps rightly so, and perhaps not. And that is our culture. It’s linked to bigger cultural assumptions.

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Interview by Matheson Marcault

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