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Interview with Tine about Light and Colour

Tine Bech’s interactive light is a collective experience

Thanks so much to Dilpreet Bhullar for this generous interview at STIR world.

The Danish artist creates immersive installations that focus on participation using colour, technology, behaviours and social abilities—placing the audience’s experience at it’s centre.

To illuminate is to see what constitutes the world. Both, light and colour are universal human connectors, and if colour raises curiosity, then light is a fundamental human need. An assemblage of both enables people to create an enthralling art experience, bringing wonder and joy. London-based Danish artist Tine Bech endorses these perspectives on light and colour, creating site-specific as well as sculptural installations, letting the viewers experience the unseen. At the core of Bech’s art practice lies interactive engagement between art and the audience. The expanse of possibilities made available to the viewers through the interplay of light and colour anchors empathy and compassion—essentials in a world driven towards nonchalance.

Read and hear the interview Stir World 🔆

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