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Israel Museum shows Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers is an interactive art game, designed for the Contact Point event – is a nighttime encounter between art and people – as part of an ongoing collaboration between the British Council and the Jerusalem Season of Culture.

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers invites the audience to wear a dazzling light garment. This is a group game and a futuristic version of the classic treasure hunt. Running through the Museum, players light up the museum. The mission is to find seven gatekeepers, who are guarding the seven colours of the Rainbow and save artworks from fading into dulness and dispassion. Players frame the seven artworks with their illuminated, colour-changing bodies. Changing colours seven times throughout the night players will create a digital photomontage rainbow together offline and online.

Contact Point is an annual event which attracts visitors from all over Israel to a unique night-time artistic encounter around the museum. From dusk until three in the morning, dozens of artists will present fascinating and thought-provoking interactions throughout the museum and the art garden.

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makersopens at The Museum of Israel 6th Aug 2015.

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