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Join us at Shakespeare’s New Place

Tine Bech Studio has joined United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration to show ‘Up in the air’, a magic interactive swing at Shakespeare’s New Place as part of the Garden of Curious A-MUSE-ments. Enter the gardens of Shakespeare’s New Place to embark on your muse catching mission. Investigate reports of unusual activities and embrace the elements as you complete tasks set by the muses of earth, fire, air and water.

UNBOSI is one of the lesser-known departments of the United Nations. Since 1947 we have been globally studying sites associated with human genius. UNBOSI was created with the knowledge that even after a war to end all wars, world leaders had failed to keep the peace and tend to be conservative uninspired negative thinkers and the acronym created has been used to describe them ever since. With most of the world on board, we have joined forces and use the power of the planet to create ‘light bulb’ moments inspiring co-operation and friendship between all nations.

Garden of Curious A-MUSE-ments – A truly unique after dark adventure

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