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Leonardo Electronic Almanac Publication

Interactivity, Play and Audience Engagement by Tine Bech

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) Touch and Go vol 18, issue 3
Edited by Lanfranco Aceti (Senior editor Leonardo, guest lecturer at Goldsmiths and lecturer at Sabanci University), Prof Janis Jefferies Goldsmiths, Irini Papadimitriou curator Watermans and Jonathan Munro Goldsmiths.

New publication by LEA Touch and Go offers a series of papers, which analyses the role of interactivity and participation. Contemporary art is pursuing technological modes of interaction and display that provide the audience with media rich experiences. But are these forms of interaction, interpassive pre-ordained engagements or new technologically based forms of entertainment? Or is art redefining further its relationship with the audience – following and pushing forward the experiential examples of Christo and Spencer Tunick through the aid of technology. This special issue of LEA wishes to analyze the relationship between these different aspects that contribute to the complexity – conceptual, technological and aesthetic – of interactive installation in public space, creating the ground-breaking and complex phenomena that characterize the aesthetics and visuality of contemporary technocultures.

Download Interactivity, Play and Audience Engagement by Tine Bech – the paper examines play as tools that may foster engagement and shared forms of participation.

Find the full series of papers here

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