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Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers new work by Tine Bech

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers was an incredible success at Israel Museum, where it was shown as part of Contact Point.

Light Chasers – Rainbow Makers is a game where players fight to save the museum from impending darkness, bringing colour and light to it’s fading artworks. It is a futuristic version of the treasure hunt where players wear interactive light wearables. Working together players must banish the blackness of the dark and shadows with their wearables creating dazzling colourful lights. Their mission is to find seven gatekeepers, who are guarding the seven colours of the Rainbow and seven important artworks. The artworks are fading into a dusted world of dullness and players must save them by making interesting poses, interacting and framing the artwork with their body and colourful lights. Changing colours seven times throughout the night players will create a digital photomontage rainbow together offline and online.

Funded by British Council and produced by Jerusalem Season of Culture.

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