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Museums at Night will show Rainbow Makers

Tine Bech Studio and Rainbow Makers is part of the lineup for the Museums at Night at The Whitworth in Manchester the 27th Oct

Rainbow Makers is a simple, intuitive, collaborative game which encourages visitors to the museum or gallery to explore and engage with specific art works and the venue itself in an inspiring new way in order to achieve a collective vision: the creation of a digital rainbow which takes form simultaneously both in-venue and online.

Wearing artist made interactive light wearables, players set out in groups to seek out seven spaces. The aim of the game is to find seven artworks or objects and create a rainbow. Each artwork is ‘guarded’ by a ‘Gatekeeper’ with a remote control which switches the colour of the player’s artist-created illuminated vests. Images taken by the gatekeepers of the teams illuminating the artworks are uploaded to a website. The images combined, form a rainbow that is projected in the museum.

Read about Museums at Night here

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