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New interactive project opens at Cass Business School

Creative Entrepreneur in Residence Tine Bech will conclude her project with Cass Business School with the premiere of Space 2050: Seeing and Seers, a unique interactive event where participants are the future learners and researchers, whose mission it is to re-imagine our future learning and research spaces. Players are sent to the year 2050 to become masters of illumination, in order to send illuminating messages back in time to help year 2016 envision the future of 21st Century knowledge spaces.

Tine has spent time in the business school both physically, and in engagement with faculty and students. As a result, she has decided to build the theme of her event around space and knowledge, a crucial issue for the school in the light of its strategy looking for significant improvements in its physical estate.

SPACES 2050: Seeing and Seers
by Tine Bech Studio
Creative Entrepreneur in Residence at Cass Business School
Funded by Creativeworks London

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