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Colour Me Beautiful in Staro Riga

See Colour Me Beautiful videos from Riga exhibtion

Over 35.000 visitors interacted and created beautiful colour portraits at Staro Riga Colour Me Beautiful. It was amazing to see so many smiling faces – people interacting and playing, couples kissing, families playing together, and elderly people’s faces light up when making a ‘pose ’ in the runways. Thank you beautiful Riga, Latvia, home to Staro Rīga Light Festival.

Video Interview with artist Tine Bech sharing how Colour Me Beautiful people of all ages to walk the runway, strike a pose and be captured in a bright maze of colour.

Featuring five colourful runways leading to a vivid portrait landscape on a large LED screen, Colour Me Beautiful invites the public to play and interact. The interactive installation captures images of audience members on each of the five runways; live posting them onto a large screen – colouring you beautiful.

Posing for the camera is one of life’s familiar social activities and the popularity of selfies shows no sign of waning. The activity connects us, creates shared memories, and evokes a sense of play and performance for all ages. Taking this sense of ‘recording the self’ and combining it with play, we designed an immersive inclusive installtion, to engage visitors of all ages and trigger selfhood and collective creativity.

By associating the interactive design with an everyday pastime – sharing selfies photos – we can cut through the perceived barrier which sometimes stops people engaging with art. Interactivity promotes engagement, dialogue and exchange.

The Colour Me Beautiful installation creates a fun safe space that is visible by day and during the night. The artwork plays 24/7 with minimal invigilation or maintenance required.

Tine explain how to play Colour Me Beautiful.


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