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Pink Enchantment, Interactive Insllatiob by Tine Bech Studio

Pink Enchantment is going to Bristol

Tine Bech Studio is showing Pink Enchantment at Bristol Light Festival this February at the Castle Bridge.

Pink Enchantment is a breath-taking sight, which brings together light and people and transforms bridges into stunning artworks. The work invites people of all ages to interact and be immersed in pink ‘clouds’.

We are trilled to return home to Bristol and work with curator Katherine Jewkes and producer Vashti Waite to bring colour, light and play to Bristol City Centre spaces. We open Thursday 27th February with a preview where the installations can be seen for the first time. Festival is open from Friday 28th February to Sunday 1st March, between 5pm-11pm. Bristol Light Festival will showcase renowned international light artists alongside Bristol talent across six carefully selected locations to create a trail through the city centre.

Pink Enchantment is designed to create a high impact, immediate transformation. The work creates opportunities for people to interact with the artwork and each other in an imaginative way. The light and interactive design is unique to the site, consisting of a series of interactive section, which together will become a large visual installation that is tailored to its location. Each bridge looks different, scaled to different sizes in response to the opportunities and limitations presented by the site.

Pink Enchantment is commissioned byBristol City Centre BID and partners for Bristol Light Festival.

City Centre BID invites you to explore Bristol through light as part of its exciting new festival each February for three years. Designed to make the city more enjoyable for residents, attract visitors and boost the economy during a traditionally cold, dark, quiet month, the festival is an exciting addition to Bristol’s winter calendar.The festival will build on Bristol’s reputation around green energy and new technologies, the festival explores sustainable light art and interactive playful environments.

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