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We explore the way culture, technology and play intersect to shape our shared environments.

We use materials that invite participation and curiosity.
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Interactive art and installations is still at the cutting edge of the art world, and its relative youth means that it actively engages with making positive changes for the future; they are, in a word, optimistic.

– Artist Tine Bech

Our reach and impact

The Tine Bech Studio combines knowledge drawn from art, interactive design, play theory, electronic engineering and software design. The studio creates projects that provide:

  • Artworks that are shared and posted in high numbers on social media  – people want to show they are ‘part of the work’
  • Projects that are visually memorable and attract media attention, providing opportunities for eye-catching photo and video moments to be shared on social media
  • Installations that can reach up to 80,000 interactions with visitors over a two-week period
  • Curiosity. People love colour and are attracted to materials that invite participation
  • Engagement. Visitors often stay longer than they had anticipated – people will have ‘just one last go’ many times, and often come back several times bringing friends
  • A deeply social dimension. ‘I have been there and have never talked to so many strangers’, ‘It makes you sociable’, ‘I had so much fun I forgot to be embarrassed’
  • Wellbeing. ‘I have never seen an artwork where everyone smiles’, ‘No one leaves without a smile’. We now know from neuroscience that play creates positive emotion, which alters our feelings and makes us more resilient, happier and productive 
  • Flourishing communities. We know from Play Theory that play is part of our social fabric and lies at the core of many social bonds
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Places we have worked

We work in dialogue with curators, commissioning bodies and stakeholders to deliver projects that:

  • Make impactful visual installations that create spectacular social spaces where people want to gather
  • Produce creative spaces for people to intuitively interact and actively participate, no matter what their level of knowledge of art or technology
  • Are designed to handle a high number of visitors at the same time and can be enjoyed irrespective if there are one or multiple participants
  • Have safe distance and no-touch surfaces built naturally into the aesthetics and the technical design where needed 
  • Bring complex ideas to life. Creating interactive designs that are robust, thereby enabling people to become fully engaged and develop confidence in their experience and participation 
  • Make places unique – all our projects are designed as creative systems with the ability to fit any site, and change form, shape or colour to cater for different behaviours and activities

Public Art and Playable Cities Design frameworks

The Studio works with Playable Cities, which is simply a framework to think differently about the city and public spaces by creating shared experiences through play. What will the cities of the future look like? Will they encourage playful interaction – quirky, imaginative behaviour and flexibility – and thereby become spaces that allow mistakes and the unexpected? Or are we developing smart cities with visions of efficiency and safety above all? How can we ensure people are at the centre of this development?

Tine’s artistic vision is to explore the way culture, technology and play intersect to shape our shared environments. 

‘I believe cities (and cultural places and companies too) need creative collaborative, social spaces – in unexpected places – that inspire participation and communication. After all, a city’s public spaces are fundamentally where people meet,’ she says.

Read more about our design principals in our Research


"Thanks to the people of Aarhus and Tine Bech for their ‘online illumination control’ of our beautiful Embassy building. You showed amazing creativity and caught the attention of the Londoners".

– Ambassador of Denmark Mr Lars Thuesen, Royale Danish Embassy London
Keith Watson

"Tine’s work was perfect for the space, and very impressive. We had a huge attendance at the festival and visitors enjoyed taking selfies in front of the work – much of which was shared on social media. And so many movies – it was amazing!"

– Keith Watson, Curator Canary Wharf Public Art
-Ingi Thor Jónsson, Reykjavík

"The approach to Reykjavik City Hall was transformed thanks to Tine Bech. Her beautiful work " Pink Enchantment" drew thousands of visitors to the building and could be seen from miles away - and when it blended with the Nordic Lights, it created magic like never before seen in our city."

-Ingi Thor Jónsson, Reykjavík City Hall
Anette damgaard

“The We Believe project, which was one of the most popular projects during the European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017, was seen by over 150,000 people and lots of people talked about it on social media."

- Annette Damgaar, curator and director, The Association Hidden Places

"Tines artwork is a great experience for all ages, a rare treat".

– Audience Light Play, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum
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