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Gut+ut London Design Festival

Panel Discussion Gut + Nut @ Wolf & Badger, London Design Festival

Tine Bech joins the panel Gut + Nut @ Wolf & Badger, London Design Festival 2021. Wednesday 22 September 18.30 – 19.30.

The Gut + Nut club is a collective of design professionals, collaborators and disruptors ranging from fashion designers, colour consultants, Architects, Interior designers, car design, game design, drag queens etc.

We will be discussing, STUFF! An honest and open conversation about how much STUFF we need? Is there a sustainable, creative and profitable way to rethink how we consume?

Tine will be talking about how we connect DOING STUFF together and how to create art and culture to be experienced rather than consumed.

Hosted at Wolf & Badger @ COALDROPSYARD Kings Cross, London.

All tickets proceeds going to CHOOSE LOVE

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